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  TOP147.com讯 北京时间15号晚,九球世界杯随着中国队的亮相引来了第一波小高潮。由上海市职工选拔产生的中国B队不负众望,以7-2的比分轻取远道而来的南非队,取得开门红。赛后,TOP147的记者也第一时间采访了双方选手。

"I had both the games inside and ölsinne"

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Waldner - still a superstar in China


PEKING. Jan-Ove Waldner has superstar status in China and is immensely popular.

Q:This is not the first time that you play in China. You played Chinese Billiard before. What`s the difference between the two envents?(这不是您第一次来中国比赛了。您曾经参与过中式台球的赛事。您觉得这两种项目之间有什么差别?)

Sportbladets reporter Thomas Tyna Weekender and photographer Jerker Ivarsson acquired the following table tennis star with a day in the Chinese capital.

R.Halliday:Great! They are different games and I think 9 ball requires a lot more and needs better position. You need to play the cue ball better. But in Chinese Billiard,potting is more important.(非常对。这是两种截然不同的运动,9球需要更全面的技术和更精细的走位,你需要将母球控制得更细腻。而中式台球更注重准度的要求。)

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Q:This is a special match for you because you face Team China as well as the Chinese supporters. How did you solve the problem and how to deal with the pressure?(这是一场特殊的比赛,因为你们面临的中国队拥有太多主场的支持者。你们是怎么解决这个难度怎么应对这种压力的?)

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R.Halliday:Yes,when you play in someone`s own ground,it`s not always easy. But I used to play a lot in China,so I didn`t think too much about it.(是的,当你在别人的主场比赛时,总是特别困难的。不过我多次在中国比赛,早已习惯这种氛围,所以我并没有顾虑太多。)


J.Le Roux:I think the pressure is equal to all the players. But I didn`t feel much pressure.(我认为压力对双方都是公平的,而且我也没有感受到过多的压力。)

HAVE Olympic gold and six world championship gold

Q:You played in China for a lot of times,and you also become more and more famous here. Can you say something to your supporters?

Jan-Ove Waldner

R.Halliday:Yeah I think Chinese fans are the best. They are always behind you,and you can always expect full crowed. I love to play in China.(是的,我认为中国拥有最棒的球迷,他们一直在你身后支持着你,你也可以憧憬一下座无虚席的看台。我非常喜欢在中国比赛。)

World Cup 1983: Silver in law. 1985: Silver in law. 1987: Silver individual, team silver. 1989: Gold individual gold in the law. 1991: Silver individually, gold by law. 1993: Bronze individual gold in the law. 1995: Silver in law. 1997: Gold individually (21-0 in setskillnad), silver in doubles. 1999: Bronze in singles. 2000: Gold in law.

J.Le Roux:I didn`t play in China,and it is the first time. The people welcome me,and I`ll come back later.(我还没有在中国比赛的经历,这是第一次。但是这里的人热情欢迎我们,我会再来的。)

European Championships: 1982: Silver individually. 1984: Silver in doubles. 1986: Gold in doubles gold in the law. 1988: Gold in doubles gold in the law. 1990: Gold in law. 1992: Silver in double gold in the law. 1994: Silver individual, team silver. 1996: Gold individual gold in the double gold in the law. 2000: Gold in law. 2002: Gold in law.

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Olympics 1988: Quarter Final. 1992: Gold. 1996: round of. 2000: Silver. 2004: Four.


Certainly he knows what we want to see.


- You want a bit of hysteria, right? wondering Jan-Ove Waldner and smiles.


So he leaves the hotel and step out on the pavement and walk a few steps. But then he pauses and looks around, slightly surprised.


- Damn, do some people it is! It usually supposed


be large crowds of people on the streets. I'm almost shockedwww.8455.com ,! The fine does not even bicycles on the streets.


Waldner barely have time to finish the sentence until a taxicab cross rivets out on the street, right next door. The scream of the tires co-


early as passenger box cranked down.


- Lao Wa! Lao Wa!


The driver is half way out of the passenger side to wave to his Swedish idol. And when Jan-Ove Waldner from southern Stockholm wave back the driver suddenly from his seat, has stepped into the street and waving as if he wants to give the former great player a hug. There will be a firm handshake, two white smiles and a signal to others on the street - for seconds later there people from three different directions, and some have cameras in their hands.


- Lao Wa!


Waldner nodding and exchanging pleasantries. No, he would not go free taxi, that's not necessary.


It's six o'clock in the evening and a day in Beijing is over.


It's Saturday, ten hours earlier, and the first day of a long-awaited Olympics for many residents in Beijing. Jan-Ove Waldner, semi-retired tennis player who has seriepremiär in the Bundesliga in three weeks, wishing he had lie where he lives at Hotel Poly Plaza, downtown.

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Tired legs go over the edge of the bed and the back of the head are memories of yesterday's evening visit to their bar "W & Sports Bar", located next to the "Workers Stadium" on Sanlitun South Road. Where the party was held in conjunction with the Olympic opening ceremony and the queue outside was long, just like the night.


In the above role - in the stands

Waldner wakes up and after a quick breakfast in the stage he is at work mates on "Söderberg & Partners' business broker who, like 4000 other Swedish companies established in China. They have hired Waldner door opener and he is happy to handle - in the form of a table tennis racket.

But this day begin with a fan of the newly opened Olympic Games. During the match, the stadium "Peking University Gymnasium" inaugurated a wall of honor with all the Olympic champion in table tennis. Waldner's name is behind a large green plant, it turns out.

Most masters are in place.

- It felt a little lonely as Europeans out there. But it was fun to see everyone, it was a good starting field, he says Sportbladet afterwards.

The heat and humidity is almost unbearable.

On Tuesday begins the team event in the Olympic Games table tennis. For the first time in 20 years in January Waldner is not on the floor, he was sitting in the stands, even though he barely knows how to behave there. Maybe he choose to follow the national team as he follows his beloved Hammarby football; with empathy and comments.

- I'll fuck complaining about them, he says and laughs when we step into and sit in the match arena.

How does it feel to now be in Beijing - and not play yourself?

- Feels a little weird. When I come to the hall to see the races one might feel that "hell, I would have added some workouts to and been through," said Waldner.

After lunch work Waldner. It's only his second day after arriving from Stockholm but the role is familiar. He plays table tennis during a customer visit with the Swedish mäkarfirman and also give interviews, in one of the hot table tennis halls that fostered an entire capital's love for tennis.

Waldner called 'table tennis' Mozart', but of course, presented as always with the name Lao Wa, a fraternal name that means "evergreen tree.

Shortly after five o'clock, he is back at the hotel and can rest before dinner at a German major hotel, right next door. In the same block there are an enormous number of police cars with blue lights turned on, as US President George W. Bush lives across the street.

There are many big shots in town ...

"Do not think interest waned"

This is where Waldner step out on the street - then hurry back inside for a long glance at the German restaurant menu.

With a beer in hand, he answers the question about the possibility to walk on the streets of Beijing, an ordinary day.

- Oh, it will be the hotel or I are on our own bar. But it is not as much hysteria as it has been before. It's probably because there are more new foreign stars in different sports. Basketball and football are new major sports.

- But it is known in advance that I'm going to a department store for any stunt is still chaos.

You do not think that interest you waned?

- I do not think so. I'm often in China now than I was in the national team. Now it's several times a year, so I have seen the more in television and newspapers now.

You thrive in China?

- Yes, but when I've been here a week is enough. It gets so much attention and long days, saying "Lao Wa" and select routine off from the menu.

German sausage he can, so it may be a wiener schnitzel. With a medium beer, and mineral water.

And we are talking about the Olympics and the Swedes and the Olympic village looks and ... and ... he's probably a little eager to play.

Had you been able to take a place in the Olympic team?


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